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Ordination: Rabjung ordination in 2004 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Getsulma ordination in 2014 by His Holiness Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India.


Education: Diplomas: sociology and philosophy (University of Ljubljana: both theses were
comparative studies on death and dying, with the emphasis on the Tibetan Buddhist approach). PhD in Buddhist philosophy (2014, University of Ljubljana, thesis on Buddhist ethics). Postdoctoral study (from 2015, SICGU, Buddhist philosophy).

Founding member: Slovenian Hospice and Global Ethos Slovenia (inter-religious and secular movement, established to promote ethical values in society).

Occupations: At present: Buddhist nun. Before: mostly gallery guide, journalist and translator. Volunteer experiences: mostly with children, elderly and dying people and with deafblind persons.

Work as a nun (since ordination): help with meditation, understanding Buddhist philosophy and consultancy in general. Besides leading regular meditation sessions a couple of times per week, she has been presenting the basics of Buddhist principles in various types of environment, from scholarly (lectures, symposiums and scholarly articles several times per year since 2009 until now), through annual one-day seminars for the yoga teachers (collaboration between Yama Yoga and Ministry of Education), to nursery home and other venues.

She regards herself primarily as a student nun.