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Dura Debate 1

Teacher: Geshe Jamyang Tashi

Debate classes are a form of analytical meditation. They support and further enhance the understanding and critical thinking abilities gained from Dura classes – in an extremely fun and stimulating medium. You will learn to think on your feet, articulate your opinions while staying logically consistent, and inspect concepts from various viewpoints.

Geshe Jamyang Tashi is a highly qualified scholar and skillful teacher, who always has new challenges at hand. He knows how to bring static concepts to life by presenting them in unexpected contexts and combinations, encouraging his students to use all their knowledge on definitions and divisions at their disposal to come to a logical conclusion.

In the manner of a true scholar, Geshe Tashi avoids giving ready-made answers for students. Instead, he teaches his students how to think for themselves. The speed of Geshe la’s reasoning and his great patience help make his debating classes very fun experiences.