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Dura Debate 2

Teacher: Thubten Tamdrin

A wonderful aspect of classical monastic university study is the wide variety of teachers that the students learn from during their study. All teachers place different emphases and offer different insights to their students. This is very beneficial for developing skills such as debating.

To make full use of the student’s unique characteristics, while empowering them to think on their own is not a teaching method supported in Western education. Yet this approach stems from the times of the great Nalanda University and beyond, to the times the Buddha and his disciples. All of SICGU’s teachers are well-versed in this ancient tradition and they compassionately transfer their knowledge to modern students. 

Just like other SICGU teachers, Thuben Tamdrin has been studying in Sera Jey Monastic University, following its centuries long lineage. He is an experienced debater with a laid-back personality, and offers great strategies into different communication methods.