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Enrollment to the Classes

A student is registered once they have filled in the registration form and paid the donation fee.

  • To register for the classes, please go to the Registration and chose the classes you wish to attend.
  • Donations and Fees: SICGU is a non-profit organization and depends on the generosity of students and other supporters to offer you the classes. We are well aware of how rare and precious opportunity is to be able to receive the same teachings that Tibetan monks and nuns are receiving, with all the qualifications of the teachers and the support to the students that is needed for such pursuit. We know that such offering of pure Dharma is precious beyond comparison. Nevertheless, consciously keep our prices affordable, but we are asking for a small compensation in voluntary work in exchange. The minimum donation for the students is $50/month. If you cannot afford it, contact us at [email protected]. For more information and to submit the payment go to the donation page.

Time zone: One shall be able to attend the classes according to the time written on our schedule. The class hours might be most suitable for the students from Europe and the Americas.