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General News

Lamrim Meditation Course

September 2021

If you live in European time zone, you are invited to an online Lamrim Meditation Course by Ani Tenzin Wangmo.

Lamrim or Gradual Path to Enlightenment is a genre common to all Tibetan traditions, known under different names, yet structured very similarly. It gives us foundations to practice, transform our mind, accumulate merit and thus progress on the path towards Buddhahood. A genuine practice should make our lives happier and more meaningful.

Under the guidance of Ven. Wangmo you can expect a grounded and practical approach, well integrated into lifestyle of modern Europe, yet true to the ancient Tibetan Buddhist tradition. The course is condensed enough for seasoned practitioners, and contemplative enough for the beginners.
All sessions will combine teachings, meditations, and discussions. Theoretical part is based on the scriptures, but also combined with contemporary references and scholarly findings to better connect the dharma with our everyday life. Each weekly two-hour session will give you suggestions for your own work at home, so that after the end of the course you can feel a difference in your life.

Ani Wangmo has been ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist nun since 2004. After completing two diplomas and PhD in Buddhism, she felt, more than ever before, a need for traditional education that Tibetan monks and nuns receive. Her wishes have been fulfilled in SICGU, where she now studies and helps the organization to make such education widely available also to others.

Time: 10 x 2h sessions, each Saturday from 15:00-17:00 European Standard Time = 9-11 AM Eastern Standard Time (US)
Starting date: Saturday, September 18., 2021
Place: Zoom (you will receive the link once registered)
Recommended donation: 200€ to SICGU’s Ani Fund (if you cannot afford it but you still yearn for dharma, don’t hesitate to write us at [email protected])
Registration: is completed once you fill in the registration form and give the donation.

By donating to the Ani Fund you are supporting the education of western nuns. Thank you for doing so.



Internship Position Opened

July 2021

SICGU (Scholastic Institute Chokyi Gyaltsen) is in the process of expanding its capabilities and for this purpose we are reaching out to the Dharma community to explain who we are and what we do. For this reason, we would like to offer an internship position in social media management and content writing. Please contact us at [email protected]. We would like to speak with you.



Geshe Jampa Kunchog on Emory University

November 2020

Geshe Jampa Kunchog was invited as a guest teacher to the Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Prof. Tsepak Rigzin, lecturer and language coordinator in Tibetan (Emory University) invited Geshe Jampa Kunchog to give a talk to his students and other members of public. Geshe la covered as various topics as Buddhist philosophy and debates, sociological and historical aspects of Tibetan culture and Buddhism, and scientific approach of Tibetan Buddhist heritage.

After the event, prof. Tsepak Rigzin expressed his hope for a future collaboration.



Collaboration with the Dalai Lama Institute of Higher Education

September 2020

We are happy and honored to announced that SICGU has established a collaboration with the Dalai Lama Institute of Higher Education, Bangalore, India (DLIHE). Since September, SICGU students of Tibetan language and grammar classes led by Geshe Jampa Khedup (SICGU and University of Wisconsin) have received additional writing classes by teachers and senior students of the DLIHE, under the mentorship of Gen Tenzin Ghegay, Ph.D., Vice Principal for Specialized Studies.

We are happy about this collaboration as writing skills are essential for thorough understanding of classical Tibetan literature.



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