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SICGU programs are especially designed for students who wish to engage in extensive and in-depth study equal to the one available in monastic universities in India. SICGU is following the study program and lineage of Sera Jey Monastic University and our main teachers are Geshes from that university. Besides that, we have established a fruitful collaboration with the Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education (DLIHE) and their teachers, who are supporting our students in learning Tibetan language and grammar. We always seek for quality, regardless how much time it takes. Our ultimate goal is to establish a bone fide Buddhist university equal to the monastic universities in India, yet built physically in Connecticut, US and available through online study. Our aim is to become accredited university, while still remaining true to the lineage and offering classes that lead to Geshe / Geshema degree. At the same time we are also offering additional program of applied Buddhism for a wider range of students, guiding them to apply the essence of the Buddha Dharma into everyday life. They consist of regular classes, meditation sessions, and short courses.

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If you do not have the conditions to engage in our studies but you appreciate our work and the efforts of our teachers and students, you can still support us. You can be our:

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