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The Light of Meditation

Teacher: Geshe Jampa Kunchog

The Light of Meditation class is based on Geshe Jampa’s book of the same name. It belongs to the commentarial genre of Lamrim books – books that define the gradual path to enlightenment, and that are common for all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism. 

What makes this particular Lamrim book and the course itself unique is that Geshe Jampa personifies an extremely rare combination of classical Tibetan scholarship and being a person born in the West. Having grown up in the United States, Geshe Jampa spent over twenty years in the Tibetan Sera Jey monastery where he studied and taught. 

In a likewise manner, when a profound understanding of the Buddhist path is applied to the Western way of life, one’s everyday reality can be positively transformed, starting from one’s mental habits. 

Just like the book, the Light of Meditation classes are divided into two parts. The first explains general concepts of Buddhist philosophy applied to everyday life. The second focuses on teaching how to develop logical reasoning skills, while introducing the fundamentals of Buddhist logic and Tibetan debate – very rare subjects in the West.