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Did you know that there is a logical equation at the heart of Buddhism?

S = (A+ CF) > P

The solution equals the application of continuous force that is greater than the problem. We are a Buddhist University following the tradition of Nalanda Monastery, offering classes in Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan language. Our standardized translations of Tibetan Buddhist texts enable you to study with clarity and ease.

What kind of Buddhist Classes can you take at SICGU?

Buddhist Philosophy

Learn to make sense - study Buddhist philosophy following the programme of Sera Jey Monastic University.
Go beyond mere basic Buddhist teachings and learn classic philosophical texts such as Abhisamayālaṅkāra, Mūlamadhyamakakārikā, and Pramāṇavārttika.


Combine wisdom and method - learn proper meditation techniques and mindfulness practices from our Buddhist monastics.,
We offer lamrim courses and Buddhist meditation classes year-round.

Five Major Sciences

Understand the Buddhist worldview - study the traditional five major sciences as taught in the monastic universities of Tibet. We frequently offer courses on Tibetan medicine, Buddhist art, and analytical logic.

Tibetan Language

Learn to read Tibetan Buddhist texts directly without having to rely on translations.
We offer classes in both written and spoken Tibetan, held by native PhDs of the Tibetan Language.

How does SICGU Create Modern Day Scholars in Buddhism?

It was not easy in the 8th century. Leaving their snowy homeland behind, Tibetan monks travelled to hot India in order to study under the great Buddhist scholars at Nalanda University.

First they had to learn Sanskrit, in which most of Mahayana Buddhist literature was written. Their end goal was to translate these scriptures into Tibetan and bring them back home.

These monks knew their translations had to be good. Everything depended on their ability to carry over the teachings into the Tibetan language. Besides learning Sanskrit, they also had to become realised masters of the Buddhist doctrine. It was a great challenge.

Thanks to their efforts, Tibetan Buddhism continues to prosper to this very day. Inspired by such great scholars, Scholastic Institute Chokyi Gyaltsen – SICGU (see-gyu) was established.

Following the inspirational example of the ancient Tibetans, our University’s mission is twofold:

Produce accurate English translations of Tibetan Buddhist philosophical texts. Distribute and teach these translated texts to students, following the curriculum of Sera Jey Monastery. As a student of SICGU, you are able to study the Dharma in its entirety – and you don’t even have to pack up and travel all the way to India like the ancient Tibetans.

An Authentic Buddhist University in the USA

We are building a Buddhist University in Connecticut USA to serve the needs of everyone interested in pursuing in-depth Buddhist studies as taught in the Tibetan tradition.

You may have faced a common problem in the past. You try to study Buddhist philosophy, but find it hard when every book seems to be using different terms to explain things. It is also difficult to see where to begin; Buddhist texts seem complex and difficult to understand. It is very easy to get totally confused while trying to learn more.

Issues like these is exactly why SICGU is creating a system of officially standardised translations of Buddhist scriptures, in collaboration with His Holiness Dalai Lama Institute of Higher Education.

Our entire study program is based on these translations, carefully designed and revised by both secular academics and Buddhist monastics with Geshe degrees. We are pleased to offer Tibetan Buddhist studies in the spirit of the ancient tradition of Nalanda University. Doing so, we follow the advice of His Holiness Dalai Lama and the noble lineage of Sera Jey Monastic University.

SICGU is in Collaboration with

Study Materials You Can Always Rely On

Maybe you have attempted to study Buddhism in the past, only to find the actual study materials vague, insufficient, or poorly designed. We at SICGU are familiar with this problem, and have established SICGU Dhargey Publishing to offer you only the most reliable and carefully translated study materials for your needs.

Books on Buddhist Philosophy

For those interested in extensive studies of Buddhist philosophy and logic, we offer exclusive Tibetan-English translations of classic Buddhist scriptures. Our bilingual format is designed especially for in-depth Buddhist studies and for our Geshe- program students. Our bilingual translations include:

The Tenets
The Ground-Level and the Path
Commentary on the Seventy meanings
These books, as well as others, can be found here.

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