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The Art of War and Peace


Geshe Jampa Kunchog’s Pillars of Knowledge series outlines a clear path to happiness and success for contemporary readers, utilizing ancient spiritual knowledge and methods. Book One(1) of the Pillars of Knowledge is The Art of War and Peace. The Art of War and Peace continues the path of personal development introduced in The Way, by guiding us in building our skills as leaders, and understanding the nature of inevitable conflict by understanding its causes, thus allowing us victory in any situation. Using Sun Tzu’s timeless classic on strategy as a foundation, Geshe Jampa Kunchog’s The Art of War and Peace focuses this ancient wisdom on the western mind and shows us how to apply it on our own path. As a westerner, drawing from decades of traditional study in the Je College of the Tibetan Buddhist monastery of Sera, Geshe Jampa Kunchog combines his experience and knowledge of the science of the western mind to present a fundamental guide to navigating and mastering the path to success.
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