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The Art – The Fourth Pillar of Insight


Geshe Jampa Konchog’s Pillars of Knowledge outlines a clear path to happiness and success for contemporary readers, utilizing ancient spiritual knowledge and methods. Book four (4) of the Pillars of Knowledge is The Art. The Art is a method and a personal expression of creativity. When you look at things and don’t accept them as others tell you they have to be. The Art teaches us how to combine the knowledge we have gained with our personal responsibility to develop internal growth, and how this illuminates our ability to influence the way in which we experience our world and our success. As a westerner, drawing from decades of traditional study in the Je College of the Tibetan Buddhist monastery of Sera, Geshe Jampa Konchog combines his experience and knowledge of the science of the western mind to present a fundamental guide to navigating and mastering the path to success.
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