The Way

Short Description

The Way
Geshe Jampa Kunchog’s Trilogy series outlines a clear path to happiness and success for contemporary
readers, utilizing ancient spiritual knowledge and methods.
Book one of the Trilogy is The Way.
The Way introduces the foundation for mastering one’s own path through understating the true causes
of happiness and success. The Way shows us how to begin mastery of the art of the deal, and what this
means in the context of ancient spiritual wisdom, which is directly applicable to our modern situation.
The Way presents the method of combining all that we know and applying it toward the success we
wish to achieve.
As a westerner, drawing from decades of traditional study in the Je College of the Tibetan Buddhist
monastery of Sera, Geshe Jampa Kunchog combines his experience and knowledge of the science of the
western mind to present a fundamental guide to navigating and mastering the path to success.